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The New River Reentry Council is part of the Virginia Community Reentry Approach (VCRA).

A Commonwealth in which people previously incarcerated access quality services to assist them in becoming productive citizens thus promoting safer communities and stable families.
The Virginia Community Reentry Approach strengthens public safety through a community based approach to reentry that provides opportunities for people previously incarcerated, that supports families and that reduces recidivism.
  • All people have worth and deserve to be treated with dignity and respect
  • Community collaboration strengthens effectiveness
  • Integrated service delivery is cost effective
  • Stable families support children’s healthy development and future success
  • Safe communities are the best environment in which to live and work
  • Increase public safety through reduced recidivism
  • Maximize opportunities for people returning to the community after incarceration
  • Support family and community integration for people returning from incarceration

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